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Power Bank to charge other devices
Release Time : 2014/7/9 23:57:56 Clicks : 1536
1, the Power Bank for mobile phone damage it? 
Mobile phone battery input voltage of 5V, the output voltage is also Power Bank is 5V, current Power Bank are controlled 1.1A or less, without any effect on the cell phone. Another two-horse company produced Power Bank dual USB output, one output port is designed for tablet devices, output power at 1.8A or more, the charge current when the phone will automatically adjust to secure your phone.
2, with Power Bank how to charge the phone? 
A: Just get moving inside the power supply is generally imaginary power, you can charge the battery runs out according to the illustrated examples give the phone, run out and then filled; first with a usb cable to connect the phone, press and hold your finger to move the power 3-4 seconds after the power button until the battery indicator lights after, the phone will display the charging instructions.
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