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Power Bank Charge Time
Release Time : 2014/7/8 15:13:29 Clicks : 1482
1, for charging Power Bank for a long time? 
A: Pre-computer USB charging output is 5V/500MA, such as charging for 5200MAH this product takes about eight hours, or if the phone is equipped with MP3 USB charger, the general standard is 5V/1A, charge time is about 4 - 5 hours, the charging speed, depending on the current size of the charger, the charger current is generally common 500MA, 800MA, 1A, 1.5A, 2A, over current, can give mobile power charge, currently recommends using 5V / 1A 
2, vacuity, electricity can not reach the actual label marked capacity? 
A: The Power Bank with batteries inside are 3.7V, then converted boost system becomes 5V, this process will produce a little wear and tear, and then output to digital products, there will be some loss, PCBA the effective conversion rate standard in about 85%. Another loss of approximately 10% of the patch cord; example: 5200MAH, the phone battery can be washed effectively probably about 3978MAH. 
The formula: 5200 * 85% * 90% = 3978mAh 
3, the  Power Bank can charge the phone a few times? 
Power to the number of mobile phone charge related to its actual capacity to charge the phone to Apple 5200MAH for example, the rated capacity is 5200mAh, Apple phone's battery capacity is 1420mah. 
Calculation: 5200mAh * 85% (conversion efficiency) = 4420mAh, 4420mAh * 90% (adapter cable loss 10%) = 3978mAh output capacity, 3978mAH/1420mAh = 2.8 times